Excellence in Mohs Surgery

At Dermatology Associates, P.A. of the Palm Beaches, our physicians offer you the latest treatments, newest technologies, and most effective products to provide you with a complete range of medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatological services for adult and pediatric skin conditions.

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You want your skin cancer treatment to be performed with the highest standards of quality and competency. Dermatology Associates, P.A. of the Palm Beaches has only Fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeons who have completed extensive specialized training in both Mohs surgery and reconstruction of the wound after removal of the skin cancer.

The American College of Mohs Surgery is the only organization that requires its members to have successfully completed an extensive fellowship that requires at least one full year of training and hands-on experience provided by highly qualified instructors after completing their years of residency training. These training programs are reviewed regularly to ensure quality training at the highest standards.

Most dermatologists performing Mohs Surgery in South Florida do not meet these qualifications and are members of the American Society for Mohs Surgery, not the American College of Mohs Surgery. This other organization simply requires a weekend course and a membership fee.

After successful removal of the skin cancer, your Dermatology Associates Mohs Surgeon will assess the wound and discuss options for ideal functional and cosmetic reconstruction. If reconstruction is necessary, your Mohs surgeon will usually perform reconstructive surgery to repair the area the same day as the cancer removal.

More information regarding Mohs surgery can be found at www.skincancermohssurgery.org.